Thought I’d have been back by now, wow, time is passing but yet it’s not. Since I’ve been born again, it’s like I’ve become brand new. Stopped smoking (that was a true miracle), stopped drinking (that was an unexpected side effect of the Holy Spirit). And my art is also of a far different quality. Anyway, didn’t plan to drop in yet because although my testimony has been written (or at least started) Jesus (Yashua) told me not to share it yet. And since I’ve been working for the Lord, I do as I’m told – I’m on the Lord’s time not my own. LOTS of miracles this past year, LOTS of learning and revelations. Lots of changes, even my beautiful horse may soon be a mama. But I dropped in here quickly cause I watched a video today and I am told to share it. Check the link at the end, homies from the NY always tell it to ya straight wit no chaser, lolol. At one point he says, stop taking the pen out of God’s hand and let him write your story. That is exactly what I’ve been doing and life has been a transformation in progress that’s blowing my mind day by day. Be back soon with some major updates… In the meantime, enjoy.




It’s not time yet for me to bring a testimony, but it has been decided. That my gallery will not be for profit. I’ve been walking with the Lord ever since I got this epiphany that I was on my way to hell…with all seriousness. I asked the Lord how can I serve him/her better, since I am SO grateful to be snatched from the jaws of Satan. I am more serious than you can imagine. So it’s been decided the gallery will be a place to also do God’s work, feed the homeless, provide clothes for the needy etc. And provide a place for young adults to learn art and something positive in opposition to the garbage they’re learning on social media. Money made from art sales will be donated after paying for staff and upkeep. And it will open in Dekalb County GA, planning to build from the ground up. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, please do keep me in your prayers. Evidently someone was praying for me for me to have the WAKE UP CALL of a LIFETIME. GOD IS LOVE and JESUS is the SPIRIT OF LOVE. One Love.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

 (Mark 8:36)



“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge…”

~Psalm 37:4

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God loves us very much, and he’s coming back soon to make the world better. The Most High has been showing me some things I never thought I’d see. Be back soon with a marvelous testimony. One Love.


Love is the final destination. Everything else is just a stop along the way.